Inspiraesth is a mobile app developed by Ortur. It is currently applicable to Ortur laser engraving machine products. The product is under continuous development and optimization.

  1. IOS:Search “Inspiraesth” in the App Store to download directly.  Download link
  2. Android:Search “Inspiraesth” in google play and download directly. Download link
  3. APKInspiraesth_231214.apk

No, Inspiraesth is free.

iphone system requires iOS system 12.0 or above, Android mobile phone system requires Android 10.0 or above

  • Support OS:IOS、Android
  • Support Machines:OLM3 LE、OLM3、OLM H10


       LightBurn is a versatile and user-friendly laser engraving and cutting software designed to support a wide range of laser machines, including CO2 and diode lasers. Its intuitive interface and powerful features have made it a popular choice among hobbyists, makers, and professionals.

Yes, Lightburn need to be paid by customer.

Windows, MacOS, and Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04 specifically)

LightBurn will work forever as long as you have your license key, but after a year you will need to renew the maintenance on your license to keep getting the latest features and updates.

AI, SVG, DXF, PDF, HPGL, PLT, and RD for vector formats.

PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, and GIF for image formats.


       LaserGRBL is a free, open-source software designed specifically for laser engravers and cutters that use GRBL-based control boards. It has gained popularity among hobbyists and makers due to its straightforward approach and affordability.

No, LaserGRBL is free.

LaserGRBL is compatible with Windows from XP to Win11.

64 bit OS is strongly suggested in order to use all the features of LaserGRBL.

LaserGRBL need Microsoft .NET framework (v4 or latest) installed on the machine. This is by default in W10 but for older Windows version you should download and install from internet.

There are no special hardware requirements (an entry level CPU and 2GB of ram is enough) but more RAM and better CPU provide better speed performance in the image processing.

On Intel i7-7700 with 16GB an engraving of 400x600mm @ 10 lines/mm (24 megapixel) is processed with dithering engraving in about 2 min. producing about 14’000’000 lines of gcode.

Driver Download

In most cases, our machines can be used directly without installing any drivers ,However, if your operating system is win 7, win 8 or earlier XP,you maybe see an error notice “Unable to Run PC Software” , it is recommended that you download the usb driver before use !

click to download ! (version 2.5 )

You may access the following URL:, to download additional versions.

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