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ORTUR is committed on providing the highest standards of communication in our Products and Support.
As part of our commitment, Ortur will share important information learned from the ongoing manufacturing, use and support of all products.
These advisories might address: Firmware Updates; Service Notices; Safety Notices; Factory Updates; Feature Upgrades

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Ortur Laser Master Series

Products Addressed:

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Firmware Updates V1.55

Release Date: 02-06-2021

Status: Enhancement

Ortur Action Advice: Recomended Update

Version: V1.55 

Please visit Ortur Visit Firmware Repository for dedicated files and Full instructions:

Products Addressed:

Ortur Laser Master Factory Update - Quality Control Motherboards

Release Date: 01-02-2021

Status: Severe

Ortur Action Advice: Contact Support LINK if problems below are experienced for Motherboard RMA.

A batch of Ortur Laser Motherboards was identified having a Quality Control issue in their MCU(CPUS). 
Production date of this batch was identified as December 2020 – Which were installed in machines sold mostly in January 2021.
If you experience one of the following problems, please contact customer support:

  • Laser power output is no longer controllable, always in apparent 100% power
  • Laser engraves line between design objects
  • Laser keeps engraving after operation finishes and while moving to home position.
  • Laser engraves material even on Focus mode (<1% power output)

Diagnostics Steps:

PWM Test With Multimeter: This small video shows initial troubleshooting and identification steps to confirm problem: VIDEO.
If Voltage reading on Black and White wire > 1.5v Problem confirmed
Burn Test: Please Right click the test file for your software,  Click save link as -> Desktop
Open test file in your prefered software, and run it on a scrap piece of cardboard or plywood without altering any settings.
Test size: 80mmx47mm – Offset 25mmx25mm from Home position
Verify results as per attached image and take a picture for RMA purpuses. If engraving shows traversal burns, problem is confirmed.
MotherBoard Identification: As a final step, if the above steps confirm problem, please remove the motherboard cover and verify this identification marking “OLM-MAX-V10” is present on your motherboard and take a picture of the board itself for RMA:
 IF all or any of the above tests confirms the problem, Please Contact Support via Ticketing system LINK.
  • Register an account on the ticketing system.
  • Open a new Ticket with “OLM2 Motherboard Advisory” as the description. This description will allocate a High Priority to the ticket.
  • Provide above test results and images in order to further expedite resolution of the problem.

Alternative means of contact

Ortur Tech

Products Addressed:

Ortur Laser Master Service Notice - Static Build up

Release Date: 10-02-2021 (UPDATE Date: 10-03-2021)

Ortur Action Advice: UPDATED – Recommended

Some users have been reporting and experiencing Static Electricity build up in their machines while in use, especially on raster engraving operations.

This build up of Static Electricity can become severe to the point that its discharge – via the 12v rail – can cause the motherboard to reset. Therefore causing interrupted engraving operations (Alarm 3/Connection Lost errors).

In extreme circumstances the static build up might lead to hardware damage.

Although the number of users affected by this situation is statistically low, Ortur will implement mitigation changes in the hardware to address this issue.

The guide below explains how to implement similar mitigating actions on machines that are already in users hands.

Full DIY Written Guide:
(right click -> Save link as -> Desktop for saving guide on your computer)
Ortur Grounding

UPDATE on Grounding Kits: ORTUR finished manufacturing and is ready to start shipping for all customer that does not feel comfortable performing the above guide. Please inquire via Ticketing system for availability.


After a month of research and a heavy investment on research machinery ORTUR developed a Grounding Kit that will be sent to all customers that require it to retrofit on the Ortur Laser Master 2 already in user hands.

The conclusion of the research done shows that connecting all Ortur Laser Master 2 elements increases the surface area enough to mitigate the static build up without the need of grounding the machine to Mains Earth.

The Kit consist of an additional cable set, that replaced integrally the Y Limit switch cable. Below a simple overview of how the wiring should be addressed with the Ortur Grounding Kit in order to mitigate any Static build up in the Ortur Laser Master 2 Frame.

Products Addressed:

Ortur Laser Master Series Firmware Updates V1.40

Release Date: 04-01-2021

Status: Moderate

Ortur Action Advice: Recomended Update

Version: V1.40 

Please visit Ortur Visit Firmware Repository for dedicated files and Full instructions:

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