OLM2 Grounding Advisory

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Ortur Laser Master 2 Service Notice - Grounding Advisory

Ortur Laser Master Service Notice - Static Build up

Release Date: 10-02-2021

Ortur Action Advice: Recommended

Some users have been reporting and experiencing Static Electricity build up in their machines while in use, especially on raster engraving operations.

This build up of Static Electricity can become severe to the point that its discharge – via the 12v rail – can cause the motherboard to reset. Therefore causing interrupted engraving operations (Alarm 3/Connection Lost errors).

In extreme circumstances the static build up might lead to hardware damage.

Although the number of users affected by this situation is statistically low, Ortur will implement mitigation changes in the hardware to address this issue.

The guide below explains how to implement similar mitigating actions on machines that are already in users hands.

Full Written Guide:
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Ortur Grounding

UPDATE: Ortur is working imediatly in developing a Grounding Kit that will be made available for all customer that does not feel comfortable performing the above guide. Please inquire via Ticketing system for availability

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Full Written Guide:
Ortur Grounding

Customer Support:

Email contact: support@ortur3dprinter.com

Detailed Information:

What causes the problem

The Ortur Laser Master 2 is built from mix materials; Aluminium rails, Plastic Wheels and Rubber belts.

On peculiar environmental circumstances – mostly based on cold weather and dry air – the motion of the machine itself while performing engraving operations will cause static electricity to build up on the frame, by the interaction between the plastic wheels and rubber belt on the aluminium frame.

This electrical static charge – which would under normal circumstances dissipate to the surrounding air naturally, creates a feedback loop effect, increasing the voltage differential in the frame to very high levels.

After reaching a certain threshold, the static charge will find the path of least resistance to discharge, and in the case of the Ortur Laser Master 2, this path is through the Motherboard and the 12v rail.
Ultimately this surge causes an EMI pulse that forces the motherboard to reset, leading to connection losses and interruptions in the engraving operations.

In extreme rare conditions, the continuous and cyclical discharge can cause hardware failures, specially in the Ortur Motherboard.

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For any questions related to this guide feel free to contact Ortur Customer support:

Customer Support: https://ortur.tech/support

Email contact: support@ortur3dprinter.com