Ortur Laser Master H10

Beginner’s first 20W Smart Desktop Engraver, start creating anytime, anywhere.

  • Power System: 24V 6Amp
  • Engrave Area: 300mmx300mm
  • Construction Material: 99% Aluminium Alloy + 1% Rubber
  • Maximum Engraving Speed: 20,000mm/min
  • Features:
      – 2.4G Wifi, USB, SD Card, FTP and WebUi Control
      – Exposure Duration and Limitation
      – Active G-shock and Gyroscopic Sensor
  • LU3-20B 20W Module
    Optical Power Output: >20,000mW
    WaveLenght: 445nm
    Focal Lenght: 46mm
    Dot Size: 0.1×0.12mm
    Modulation Mode: PWM
    Weight: 555g

Get Started Quickly

H10 belt adjustment tutorial
H10 adjusting eccentric nut
H10 belt adjustment tutorial
Tutorial on installing Z-axis lifting device on H10
Installation of H10 LU3-20B laser module and air pump

Software Tutorial

H10 connection IOS APP operation video tutorial
Video tutorial on how to connect H10 to Android mobile APP
H10 uses LaserGRBL parameter settings and usage tutorials
H10 uses LightBurn parameter settings and usage methods

More Ways To Play

H10 connects YRC1.0 engraved glasses and glass bowls
H10 connects YRR2.0 engraving pen holder and roller rolling pin
H10 connects YRR3.0 engraved wine glass and baseball bat