Firmware Repository

Ortur Firmware Repository

The firmware is the operating system that resides inside the motherboard of your machine and controls all operations as well as the interactions between the motherboard and the host computer.
In some circumstances, a firmware update is required to improve the Ortur machine performance or fix discovered issues. In some less common situations, a firmware upgrade might be required to clear issues caused by user error. 

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Ortur Laser Master

Ortur Laser Master (160x150)

Ortur Laser Master 1 (210x210)

Ortur Laser Master M180 (180x180)

Ortur Laser Master M210 (210x210)

Ortur Laser Master M400 v1 (manual Z-axis) (400x400)

Ortur Laser Master C40 (400x300)

Aufero Laser Series


Aufero Laser 1 (180x180)

CNC Machines

Ortur Aufero

3D Printers

Ortur Obsidian

Ortur4 V2

Ortur4 V1