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1 vote

End stops

Hi, I have the Aufreo2, and very happy I am with it too. I notice that the control board has 4 unused sockets which I presume can be used for limit of travel switches, So my question is are the switches in this link compatable? and if so which socket is X and which is […]

Category: Upgrades 0 comments
1 vote

US/Canada Power supply

I ordered this unit for Canada, they provided a very poor power supply adapter that will not hold the power supply correctly. With the adapter, it sits quite far off the wall and cant hold the weight of the adapter so it falls off or barely hangs on until you wiggle the cord then it […]

Category: Hardware 1 comment
2 votes

Laser Module/Fan

I am totally amazed at how stingy and cheap ORTUR is when dealing with customers. I have 2 Ortur lasers and when the fan became extremely noisy on my Laser Master Pro you decided to send me a new fan. I have no idea how to install it so I probably will not use it. […]

Category: Hardware 0 comments
2 votes

Electrical Diagrams?

I want to use my ORTUR Master Pro to expose photographic film but I understand the laser is way too intense. In that case, I would like to build my own low power LED module with the ORTUR still controlling it in terms of positioning and intensity control. Are their any links to the wiring […]

Category: Documentation 0 comments
2 votes

power supply

Hi, I have the 20w fixed laser and lost the power supply, can you let me know if a 19V 2.1 AMP will work?

Category: Hardware 0 comments
1 vote


HI i ak me a question why I have to set my olm2 on a table why I can't attach him on a wall to win more space I burn canvas and its more easy to see the result on wall . Now I see 3D printer who can get up and down without that […]

Category: Hardware 0 comments
3 votes

Better trouble shooting

such as wiring diagrams with volts, ohms & parts such as cable connector ends with wire ends that go into connectors (where to buy)

Category: Hardware 0 comments