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1 vote

ticket close too early

My ticket was close very early, a new mothercard will be send urder warranty and a tracking number will be send but i don't receive it and ticket was close. In my mind ticket have to be close only after reception of the item (mothercard).

Category: Hardware 0 comments
1 vote

Need Customer Service

I had an absolute nightmare of an experience with Ortur customer support over a defective product I was sent. In all it lasted for over a month and half and cost me shipping at personal cost all because I was knowingly sent a defective product.

Category: Hardware 0 comments
3 votes
4 votes


I just want to say Gil was a great help in helping me find out what the issue was with my LM@ module was. Great customer support.

Category: Hardware 1 comment
1 vote


Bonjour je n est pas reçu la notice de montage, le bouton d arrêt urgence ne fonctionne pas quand je mais la machine sous tension rien ne ce passe. Merci

Category: Hardware 0 comments
1 vote

End stops

Hi, I have the Aufreo2, and very happy I am with it too. I notice that the control board has 4 unused sockets which I presume can be used for limit of travel switches, So my question is are the switches in this link compatable? and if so which socket is X and which is […]

Category: Upgrades 0 comments