1. User Manual
    The user manual is an instruction manual that describes the functions, installation and use of the laser engraving machine in detail, allowing users to understand how to use the machine.
    OLM3-User Manua-EN-231125.pdf
  2. Laser Module User Manual
    The laser module user manual is an instruction manual that details the functions, installation and use of different laser module for the engraving machine.
    OLM3 LU3-20A-UserManual-en-de-fr-231016.pdf
    OLM3 LU3-10A-UserManual-en-231016.pdf
  3. Software Guide
    The software guide is to be compatible with more operating systems and devices. Here you can download the software, learn the operation, and obtain parameters.
    Support OS:IOS、Android
    Support Machines:OLM3 LE、OLM3、OLM H10
    APK Download Link:IOS:Search “Inspiraesth” in the App Store to download directly.  Download link
    Android:Search “Inspiraesth” in google play and download directly. Download link
    User Manual Download Link:Inspiraesth_UserManual_231214.pdf
  4. Firmware Release
    In some circumstances, a firmware update is required to improve the Ortur machine performance or fix discovered issues. In some less common situations, a firmware upgrade might be required to clear issues caused by user error. 
    Release Date: 23 February 2023
    Version: V210
    Update information:Fix problem of being unable to update via USB – file too big.
    Removes mDNS service.
    Note: Oficial Release version
    Download Link: ESP_OLM3_V211_230223.zip
  5. Firmware Instructions
    The firmware Instructions Here are the firmware installation and operation instructions.
    Download and unzip this file please
    Download Link: ESP_OLM3_V211_230223.zip
    Extract zip file into desktop.
    Inside it, you will see a ESP_OLM3_2010.bin file
    Now with your machine connected via USB to your computer.
    Tap the reset button once to turn off your ORTUR
    Then do this sequence carefully:
    PRESS and hold the reset button on the back of the motherboard. Do not release
    Count 3 seconds
    PRESS also and hold the power button. Do not release
    Count to 3 seconds
    Release Reset Button
    Count 1 second
    Release Power Button
    Now your computer will show an ORTUR UPDATE drive – almost as if you had inserted a USB thumb drive
    Copy the bin file we extracted earlier into the drive and allow the machine to do its update operation
    It will take 30-60 seconds and the machine will home again
    Reconnect to LightBurn or LaserGRBL – in the console type where it says (Type commands here) or (Type GCode here)
    The machine will respond with
    [MSG: restoring defaults]
    At this point, you should be ready to use the device.
    Note: your wifi settings if you had them will need to be done again